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Getting Started with LeaveWizard

The LeaveWizard help articles are organised by role - AdministratorLine Manager and Employee.

Managers have all the functions of Employees and more. Administrators have all the functions of Managers and more. For this reason most of the help articles for Employee are also valid for Managers and Administrators and most of the help articles for Managers are also valid for Administrators.

Find the role or functionality you’d like to learn more about in the list below. You can also use the tags to see all the articles related to a specific tag or role or use the search box on top to find topics of interest.

1. My LeaveWizard role is Administrator

The administrator articles are further split into the following groups

1.1 Setting-up

These articles will be useful in helping you get going quickly and make the most of our feature rich application. They can also be used as reference to LeaveWizard’s system set up whenever you need to make changes.

1.2 Advanced Settings 

The advanced settings section describes how to configure LeaveWizard’s most powerful features. There’s a lot of things you can do in LeaveWizard so if you’re looking to solve a tricky problem make sure you read through the articles below.

1.3. Regular Administrative functions

Once your system is set-up (which doesn’t take long at all) you will most likely be performing a limited number of tasks within LeaveWizard.

For more helpful articles why not check the How To section?

2. My LeaveWizard role is Line Manager

The Line Manager’s dashboard is designed to make it quick and easy to approve or reject leave, check employee’s allowances or record sickness and monitor requests.

3. My LeaveWizard role is Employee

The employee dashboard in LeaveWizard is designed to speed up the process of requesting leave (within 3 clicks) and verifying the results of your requests.

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