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Setting up LeaveWizard – Organization & Employees

The Organisation & Employees page allows you to add locations, workgroups and employees so that you can model your actual organisational structure within LeaveWizard.

You can also watch a video demonstrating the functionality on the Organization & Employees page.

This page additionally provides functionality that allows you to Bulk Upload employees to avoid manually adding data.

In the tree on the left you can right click and edit the selected node or perform additional actions. To speed up your registration process we have given your organisation a name using your email address. This is a good time to change it. Right click the company node and select Edit. In the Company details screen change the organisation name and click submit.

The “New” buttons:

Adding a new location allows you to group employees for which you can specify a common work pattern, maximum number of staff on leave restriction and also a separate list of public holidays which you can find out how to configure from the Public holidays set-up article.

Adding a new workgroup allows you to group employees for which you can specify a location, the workgroup lead (which could be the approver for the workgroup too), a default work pattern for the employees in this workgroup and a maximum staff on leave restriction. To read more about work patterns visit the work patterns in depth article.

The New employee button allows you to add a new employee to the system.The employee user name which they will use to log-in to the system must be an email address. You can also select a workgroup for the employee as well as a role. To find more about the employee details screen visit the joiners and leavers article.

SchoolConcepts on this page

Company Structure - this is the combination of locations and workgroups in your company. You can specify settings and defaults per location and workgroup which will be applied to the employees in these locations or workgroups in various scenarios. For example you can restrict the maximum number of staff on leave at the same time per location and per workgroup.
The Global location – the global location indicates that a workgroup does not belong to a location. Companies with a single location may want to completely ignore the locations feature if it is irrelevant. Once you have added other locations and there is no workgroups left in the Global location then it will be hidden from the Company structure tree. It will only re-appear if you add a new workgroup with no location specified. You can drag and drop workgroups between locations.
List of Employees – The list of employees on the right hand side of the page will filter down depending on the selected organisational level. If you have selected the company node (like the screenshot shows) then all employees in the organisation will be displayed. However if you select a specific location or workgroup only the employees in that location or workgroup will be in the list.

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