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How can I view my account details

This article describes how you can view your current account details with LeaveWizard, you will need to be logged on as an administrator in order to view the details of your account.
From your dashboard select the “Administration” menu and click the “Subscription Details” link under the Billing heading.


This will display your billing details:
  • the name of your current plan
  • how many employees are allowed by you current plan
  • what the cost of your current plan is
  • how many active employees you currently have
  • when your subscription started
  • when your subscription will end

You also have a couple of options:
  • Change Plan – this option will allow you to change you current plan by upgrading to a plan that supports more employees or downgrading to a plan with less employees.
  • Change Payment Details – this option allows you to change your current payment information such as billing address, credit card details or the billing contact email address that should be used.
  • Confirm or Change – When you still don't have a subscription clicking Confirm will guide you through the subscription set up process. If you are already subscribed clicking Change will let you upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Viewing More Information

LeaveWizard uses a partner called for our billing and subscription services. We shall be bringing more and more account management functionality into the LeaveWizard application but in the mean time it is possible to manage your subscription from within your LeaveWizard Recurly Account.
You will need a password to access your LeaveWizard Recurly Account, to set this up simply click on the “View Recurly Account” link. This will take you to the Recurly website. Enter the email address that you entered for your billing details and click the “Reset Password” link.

You will then be sent instructions detailing how to setup a password for your billing account.
Once you have setup your password you will be able to login to your LeaveWizard Recurly Account. This page shows you details of your current subscription, your billing information and a list of previous invoices.

From within this page you can update your billing information or if you would like to cancel your subscription with LeaveWizard simply click the “Cancel Subscription” button.

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