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Subscribing to a paid plan

This article is intended to walk you through the process of subscribing to a paid for plan within LeaveWizard. In order to manage your account details you will need to be logged on as an administrator.
Navigate to the “Subscription Details” available in the Administration menu accessible from your dashboard - at the top. Once on the account details page follow the steps below.

Select the “Confirm” option which will take you to the the change plan wizard that will walk you through the steps necessary to confirm the currently selected plan.

Choosing your plan

The select plan page of the wizard gives you details of the plan you are currently on including the plan name, cost of the plan, the number of users supported by the plan and the number of active users you have in the system.

Your selected plan will be highlighted in blue with the word “Confirm”, you will notice the list contains other available plans. An upgrade or downgrade does not constitute any loss in functionality provided by LeaveWizard but allows more or less users to use the system. If you are happy with the plan that has been pre-selected simply click the “Confirm” link and you will be taken to the next stage of the wizard.
If you want to downgrade your plan because you have less employees than the selected plan provides, simply click the “Downgrade” link. Please note that you will not be able to downgrade to any plan if you have more active employees than the plan supports. If this is the case, simply de-activate an employee by following these instructions. Alternatively if your active user requirements have increased simply select the “Upgrade” link.
If for any reason the details of a plan are not correct or you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at support@leavewizard.com.

Entering billing information

The next step is to supply your billing information. The personal information section will be pre-populated with the details you provided when signing up to LeaveWizard but this should be the first and last name of the card holder that will be paying for the services.
The email address supplied will be used to keep you informed of any payments, refunds, cancellation, changes to your plan or changes to your billing information so it is important that this email address is valid. This email address can be different from your login information and will not change the way you login into LeaveWizard.

After entering your personal information you will need to select the credit card that you want to use. Enter the relevant credit card details into the payment method section.
Finally you will need to enter the correct billing address for the specified credit card and click the next button.

Change Plan Summary

The final step in the change plan wizard is a summary of you plan options, you should review the information shown. Once you are happy to continue, simply click the “Finish” button and your change plan request will be processed.

You will then receive an email confirmation containing the change of plan details for your records.

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