Company settings in depth

Company settings in depth

This page allows you to modify settings that either are default values that can be changed at other levels – e.g. workgroup and location or essential organisation wide settings like enabling Outlook Integration. In this article we will look at each of the settings and explain what it means.

Company name is the name of your organisation. It is displayed in various places around the system and it can be different from your billing details.We ensure that company name is unique within our system.

Email/Username is the main contact email for your organisation and also the username of the first Admin user – the one who registered the account.

Leave Year Start day is the organisation’s default leave year start. On the selected date (Month and Day) every year the allowances of your employees will reset. LeaveWizard also allows specifying a leave year start day per employee to cater for any exceptions if your company uses different leave years for example because of location. To learn more about employee settings visit the joiners and leavers article.

Default location is the primary location of the organisation. This can be useful for organisations with multiple locations. If not selected any workgroups without location will be displayed under a “Global” location in the organisational tree.

Preferred culture is used when displaying local formats such as dates and currencies. These formats can also be affected by your browser’s culture setting.

Time zone is the primary time zone under which your company operates. The selected time zone can affect the who’s on leave list,calendars and allowances for accrued leave types but only for the time difference between your actual time zone and the time zone selected here.

Maximum staff on leave is a restriction applied to the entire organisation. It can be useful for small organisations. Larger companies may consider using the same type of restriction per work group or by restricting people who can be on leave at the same time. Leave blank to disable the option.

Can employees turn off emails? – this option would allow your team members to control whether they receive emails from LeaveWizard about their leave – for example when leave is approved or rejected or when somebody else requests leave on their behalf. If this option is disabled we will send emails and employees will not be able to turn off the option. If this option is on then employees will be able to change a setting on the “my settings” page to specify if they want to receive emails from LeaveWizard.

Send monthly allowance balance emails - When enabled on the 1st of each month we will email employees, who have their email notifications turned on, with their allowance balance for the leave types selected to include using the "Include in Allowance Report" setting on the leave type details form. See leave types in depth for more details.

Send pending approvals reminder ensures approvers will be reminded by email whenever they have leave requests still pending approval. The reminders will be sent when this option is on and either employees are not allowed to turn emails off or they have the email notification option on.

Use Bradford factor – switch on this option to enable Bradford factor for your organisation. We calculate Bradford factor for the configured leave types however in order to have the option to configure leave types for Bradford factor this setting must be turned on. See leave types in depthfor more details on Bradford factor configuration.

Start date for Bradford factor – You can start the Bradford factor calculation as of a specific date. If you specify a start date then Bradford Factor will be calculated for absence that occurred after this date and 52 weeks rolling after that. If no date is specified we'll use 52 weeks rolling from registration.

Enable Overtime – This will enable the overtime functionality. In order to convert overtime to time off in lieu (TOIL) you would also need to configure one or more leave types to accept overtime requests to be converted into TOIL.See leave types in depth for more details on overtime and TOIL configuration.

Outlook or Google Calendar integration
In order to display your LeaveWizard events in Outlook or Google Calendars you will need to Enable the option on this page. Once enabled two images will appear to the right. The first one allows you to subscribe to your leave data feed as an iCal. If you are using Outlook simply click the link. If using Google Calendar or some other application that supports iCal right-click and copy the link. This link is unique for your organisation. The second image allows you to download your leave feed to date. This could be useful when you cannot or do not want to use automatic synchronization. Finally enabling Outlook integration will also cause a new image to appear on everyone’s dashboard (next to who’s on leave) allowing you to synchronize your personal leave feed.

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