Leave visibility and Event Type Request Restriction Groups

Leave Visibility and Event Type Request Restriction groups


This article describes Leave Visibility and Leave type visibility groups and how they are used.

leave visibility Groups

Imagine that you may want to be able to have a quick view of the leave for all your team leaders. Since they are in different workgroups without the leave visibility configuration you would only be able to see them on the same chart when viewing all staff leave. When you have configured a leave visibility group you can use it to filter the events displayed on the Leave by month chart as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

Choosing a user group from the drop down will filter the events in the chart to only show the people members of the selected user group.

To set up leave visibility groups use the Administration menu and choose the Leave type visibility link under the Leave type settings section.

If you already have set up leave visibility user groups they will be listed here as in the example above. You can edit or delete existing user groups. To create a new one click the New button which will take you to a form like the one below.

You need to give the group a meaningful name so you can recognize it in the list of groups. Next, select who the owner of the user group is going to be from the list of available line managers or administrators. The owner of the user group will be the only person who is able to use it.

Choose which work groups or employees should be in the Leave Visibility user group by simply selecting the required items from the left hand side of the selection box and clicking the arrow to move them to the right hand side of the selection box.

Finally click Submit and your group is ready.

You can set up as many different Leave Visibility user groups as you like and you can add entire work groups or individual employees to the user groups.

Leave Type Visibility Groups

Using this type of user group allows you to restrict which employees are allowed a specific type of leave. For example, you may want to restrict a leave type such as Study Leave to only those employees that are students.

Use the Administration menu and choose Leave type visibility. You will see a list of existing groups and a New button to create a new group.

To add a new group click the New Leave Type Visibility button which takes you to a form like the one below.

You need to give the group a name, then choose which leave types’ visibility you want to restrict and then select the workgroups or employees that will be allowed to see the leave type. Note that once your group is created employees not in the selected workgroups or list of nameswill not see events of this leave type in lists, charts or be able to book it once your group is created.

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