Room Booking

How to manage room bookings

The room booking functionality allows administrators to set up a number of rooms that are available to book to the selected level of access. The bookings are also displayed in a Calendar within LeaveWizard and can also be synchronized with your Outlook or Google Calendars – read more about the Outlook/Google calendar integration.

Disable or enable room bookings

When you first register an account with LeaveWizard the room booking functionality will be turned off by default however you can turn it on using the option on the Manage Rooms page. To get there use the Administration menu and choose Manage rooms in the Room Booking section. Tick the Enable Room Booking option and choose which roles you would like to allow to book rooms
If you choose Employee then everyone will be able to book rooms. If you choose Line Manager only line managers and Administrators can book and if you choose Administrators then only administrator users can book rooms. When you make your selection click Submit to save your changes.

Setting up rooms

Once you have enabled room booking the next step is to create some rooms that your employees can book.On the same Manage Rooms page click on “New Room”, give the room a name and click the submit button to add your new room.

Who can manage room bookings

The configuration as explained above will enable room booking for the types of role you select and you can also allow individual users or work groups to administer room bookings. You can configure the group allowed to administer rooms from the Room Booking Access screen which you can reach using the Administration menu, and clicking the Room Booking Access link under the Room Booking section.

This opens the room booking group configuration. Enter a name for the group and then choose which work groups or employees should be setup to be allowed to administer room bookings. If you choose a work group then all members of that work group will be able to control room bookings. Click the submit button to enable the selected users with the room booking functionality.

Booking Rooms

Booking rooms is done directly in the rooms calendar. Click the “Room Booking” link in the menu and you will be shown the room calendar. Find the date you would like to book by choosing the appropriate date from the date selector and the room you would like to book from the drop down menu or directly right click in the room and date column and click New Appointment or double-click the slot you need.

You will be presented with a room booking details form as shown in the screen shot above. Enter your details and click the insert link to confirm the insertion of a booking. This will create a 1 hour booking which you can extend, reduce or move by simply dragging the booking to the relevant time slot.
It is not possible to double book a meeting and it is also not possible for the same person to book two different rooms at the same time.
To edit a booking simply drag it to change the start time or duration or double click on it to edit the details of the booking.

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