The Admin Dashboard

The Administrator Dashboard

This article outlines the main differences in the LeaveWizard UI for administrators.Administrators have the same functionality as Line Managers and more. The Admin functionality is explained in depth in separate articles however this page points out to the main differences.
The dashboard for Administrators is designed for quick access to important administrative tasks. Just like the Line Manager’s and Employee’s dashboard a menu is available at the top of the page with links to useful functionality. In addition the Administrator’s menu has a whole range of administrative functionality available via the Administration menu

The Administration menu links to pages allowing configuration of various settings. These are explained in depth in different sections of the Getting Started article however we will briefly look at the options here.

The Configuration section lists each of the key configuration areas in the system, each area has its own article which you can find in the Setting up section of the Getting Started guide.

The Groups and Restrictions section is where you can configure custom groups or restrictions within your organisation, you can find out more about these in the following articles:

The Manage section provides links to access the leave & absence or overtime management screens as well as the Room booking functionality, you can read more about room booking here.

To the right you will find the Billing section. This has a link to the subscription details page. To find more about subscribing and managing your subscription check the Account details article and the Subscribing to a paid plan article.

Finally the Room booking section provides links to manage the room’s list and define who can access the room booking functionality.You can read more about room booking here.

Back to the dashboard

The next difference is the action button section in the top left corner of the page has a couple more options compared with the Line Manager’s dashboard. Administrators can Manage Overtime Requests – To learn more about Overtime and TOIL check this article.

Similar to the Line manager’s functionality the buttons here also respect the selected employee in the search employee box. The Leave Reports button now has a couple of more options and the leave taken reports are not restricted to your work group. To learn more about Leave Reports check this article .

One final difference for Administrators is the option to select any department when looking at Team allowance on the right side of the page. Similar to the line manager’s view this list displays employees with their allowance and remaining allowance but Administrators can view every workgroup/department.

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