Joiners and Leavers

Joiners and leavers


This article explains the new employee screen as well as what to do when somebody leaves the organisation and how does that affect their data and your subscription.
There’s two pages that provide functionality to manage employees. The first one – the organisation and users page is described as part of the initial set up. The second page can be reached from the Administration|Settings menu and under company lists – the list of Employees.

This can be useful if you just want to look at the list of all employees and be able to filter by active/inactive and by workgroup. In this list you can also click the table columns to sort and when you hover over an employee’s name you can see their leave allowances.

There are three buttons at the top of the page. The new team member button is what we will explore first. Note that if you Edit the employee’s record you will be using the same form but with pre-filled details instead of being empty. This form allows you to enter many details about your employees however only a few of the fields are mandatory so if you do not need to enter much you can ignore most of the form until such time when you need to add these additional bits of information.

The mandatory section includes First and Last employee names, and email address which is also the username they can use to sign-in to LeaveWizard. You also need to assign the new employee to a workgroup and give them a role. This page also allows you to create a new workgroup in case the workgroup of the new employee does not exist in the system yet.

You may at this point assign a work pattern to the new employee but if you do not then the company default work pattern will be used. You can also add a new work pattern in case the new employee works to a different pattern to the ones you already have entered.

Employment Start Date is the date employment begun for this employee. This date has an impact on their leave entitlement in their first year of service. For example if the annual holiday allowance is 20 days and the leave year runs from 1st January to 31st December and the employee started employment on 1st of July then their entitlement will be 10 days because they would have worked only half the period required for full annual entitlement.

Employment End Date is the date employment ends for this employee. This date has an impact on their leave entitlement in the last year of service. For example if their annual allowance is 24 days and the leave year runs from 1st January to 31st December and the employee finished their employment on 30th June then their entitlement for their last year will be 12 days because they have worked only half the period required for full annual entitlement.

Leave Year Start Day and Month allows you to set employee specific date when annual allowances will reset. If these values are empty then the company leave year will be used when calculating allowance and entitlement for this employee.

Note that entitlement can be set per employee within LeaveWizard.

The next set of fields is information used in the monthly financial reports. This includes position(e.g. Secretary), salary with currency and a custom reference (e.g. employee number). There’s also primary and secondary cost centre which is also used in financial reports and theAdditional information field which is free text and is displayed in the list of employees.

Finally in the employee details section we have the telephone information including home telephone, mobile and office extension. 

The three check boxes after that allow you to configure the status of the employee. Lockedindicates the employee cannot log-in to the system. They could have locked themselves out after 5 failed attempts to log-in or you may decide that they should not be logging in to use the system. When Active is on then the employee is part of your subscription limit and they show up in employee lists and reports.When switched off the employee will be hidden from all lists except the employee list and will not show on charts or reports.Hidden allows you to hide the details and leave of somebody important – e.g. a director if you do not wish others to see him in the Address book or on leave charts.
In the bottom half of the page you can assign approvers and modify the welcome message.

If you already know who approves leave for your new employee select for which leave type you are setting up an approver (or leave all leave types selected), select the name of the approver and click Add.

The section after that lists the names of the employees this employee approves leave for. This will be empty when you are creating a new employee however when you edit an approver this will show the list of people he or she approves leave for.

Right at the bottom of the page you can modify the welcome email that we will send to your new employee to make them aware that they can start using their new LeaveWizard account.
To save you changes click Submit or else click Cancel to go back to the list of employees.

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