LeaveWizard provides five leave reports administrators can access from within the application and a Monthly Allowance report email which is covered by a separate article. The reports pages are available from the Administrator’s dashboard using the Leave Reports drop down as displayed in the screenshot below.

Leave Taken

The leave taken report provides a list of leave requests which can be filtered by workgroup, employee, leave type, start and end dates. In addition you may decide to include ex-employees leave in the report. The results list is paged as it can potentially be very long and you can sort by each column by clicking the column title.

There is a range of buttons at the top allowing you to export the data in comma separate values format (CSV) readable by Excel and other spread sheet programs and to perform other common operations like requesting leave or recording absence and moving on to the other report pages.

Leave Taken By Month

This is a more advanced report listing monthly summary of Allowance, Remaining Allowance, Balance, Accrued and other values per month for the selected employee/workgroup, leave type and year. This is typically used for finance purposes.

The report provides filtering by workgroup, employee, leave type and year and has the option to include ex-employees too. Like the leave taken report this can also be exported and the buttons at the top provide quick links to related functionality.
Additionally the data in this report can be grouped by columns. You can do that by dragging and dropping a column in the highlighted area (see the screenshot above). On this page we also provide a template excel file with a “pivot table”. It can be used to format the exported data from this report as a pivot.

Leave Taken By Month Pivot

This is our most advanced report with a wide range of filtering, grouping and accumulation options. Like in the other reports you can filter the entire list by workgroup, employee, leave type and year and you can also additionally filter by one or more column listed in the left side of the data table.On the right side data is presented by month and for each employee and month we can see the numbers for Used, Accrued, Balance and Accrual. Additionally in the very right end of the data table there are totals for these values for the leave year.

This report is also typically used for finance purposes. Due to the complicated nature of it we will be providing a separate guide/screencast in the near future.

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