Overtime and Time Off in Lieu

LeaveWizard supports recording Overtime and requesting Time Off In Lieu (TOIL). This works by choosing to enable Overtime and configuring one or more leave types to allow requesting TOIL. If the request does not ask for TOIL then it is recorded as overtime and can be used in an overtime report. When an overtime request also asks for TOIL and is approved then the requested number of days/hours is added to the employee's allowance for the selected leave type and the current year however it does not affect the allowance that will be used for carry overs into the next year.

Enabling Overtime

To configure Overtime use the Administration menu and select Company Settings.

Make sure the Enable Overtime option is selected and then click Submit to save your changes.
Once you’ve completed this step employees will be able to request Overtime but not ask for TOIL.
If you are not interested in TOIL skip the TOIL section to read more about requesting and the overtime report.

Setting up TOIL

To enable TOIL one or more leave types must be configured to accept TOIL for overtime requests. You can do this from the Leave Types and Allowances set up page. Edit the leave type that you wish to change and you will see a screen like the screenshot below.

Ensure the Enable Time Off in Lieu option is turned on and then click the Submit button to save your changes.

Requesting Overtime

Once you have enabled Overtime all employees will be able to request overtime events. This can be done from the Dashboard – the example below shows the Employee dashboard.

Clicking the Request Overtime button will bring up a form like the one below.

You need to specify the date as well as how many days/hours you would like to request. The pay rate value on this form can be used for reporting purposes when the pay rate for overtime is different from the usual rate. If you have leave types with TOIL enabled you will be able to select the Request TOIL option and choose a leave type from the drop down. The “In hours” option filters the leave type drop down based on whether the leave type is with hour or day based allowance. When you are ready click Submit to send your request.

If you are requesting TOIL the approval will be sent to your usual approver for the selected Leave type. When no TOIL is used or selected and your team lead is your usual approver then the request will be sent to your team leader. If the team lead is not your approver and no TOIL is selected then the request will be sent to your Administrator, For overtime and TOIL requests only one approval is required.

Setting up who approves overtime

When it comes to who should receive overtime requests for approval there are two options. By default Administrators will receive all overtime requests however it is possible to change this option and allow team leaders or approvers to receive overtime requests for approval.

Overtime and Toil report

Logged in as Administrator when Overtime is enabled on your dashboard you will see the Manage Overtime Requests button as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Clicking the manage overtime requests button will take you to the list of overtime requests.

On this page you can filter the requests to cover different period, or workgroup or employee or leave type. You can also Approve,Reject or Cancel a request and you can export to a CSV file which you can then use with MS Excel or other spreadsheet software.

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