The Employee Dashboard

The Employee Dashboard

The employee dashboard is designed to provide quick access to all the relevant leave information for the individual as well as buttons to the most common functionality like requesting leave or overtime. The dashboard lists past and future leave information for the individual and other employees depending on what the visibility rules set by the administrator as well as allowance and remaining allowance information.

While the UI is fairly easy to navigate we understand that many LeaveWizard users will find the detailed explanation below useful.

Across the top in the we have the application menu on the left and the logged in user information on the right. The menu provides links for quick navigation to:

  • The Dashboard so you can return here anytime from anywhere
  • Calendars and charts – explained in a separate article
  • Your Inbox which contains all the messages with relevant leave request information – for example approvals, rejections and requests to cover someone’s leave.The menu item will also show in brackets the number of unread messages in your inbox.
  • My leave – which has a collection of lists – Pending, Approved, Rejected and information about your allowance
  • Address book – list of all employees with their contact information
  • Room booking – when enabled by your administrator allows access to room booking which is explained in this article

To the right we display information about the logged in user – name and role and links to employee settings, this help article collection and a logout link.

Just under the main menu on the dashboard there is the My Leave section. It displays your resent leave requests and your available actions.

Request leave for me allows you to select dates, duration and some details and submit your leave request to your approver. This is explained in details in a separate article.

Request overtime is only available if your administrator has configured your system to allow overtime. This is also described in another article.

Just under My Leave is the "Next few days" chart. It shows your leave and any other leave you are allowed to see in the next seven days as a chart.

In the seven day view chart you change the start date of the seven days and you can double click and event to edit it or double click or right click the white space to add a new event. There is also a link at the top – Monthly View which will take you to the Calendar view of the current month. The same link is available from the Calendars menu.

The area under Seven Day View is the Who’s on leave section.

The Who’s on leave title is also a link that shows a chart with the same events listed here. To the right when Outlook integration is available there is a calendar icon. Clicking this will try to launch Outlook to add a new leave calendar which will synchronize automatically. For instructions how to do this have a look at this article. There are two drop downs that allow you to control what’s listed. The Workgroup lists all available workgroups based on visibility settings and the period lists commonly used periods –e.g. this month, or this week.

Moving to the top right of the dashboard we have the Notifications and the My allowance sections.

My allowance shows all your allowanced types with your annual allowance and your remaining allowance. You can change the year that this refers to. Typically the leave year runs from 1st January to 31st December however be aware that many companies run a different leave year. For this reason we include a message at the bottom of this section to specify the start and end date of the selected leave year. Finally we also specify your current work pattern. To learn more about work patterns check this article.

Finally at the bottom right of the screen there is the My Leave this month section.

This is a quick look at your leave booked for the current/selected month. You can change the month and you can also double-click or click two dates (start and end) to add a new event.

Just below the monthly calendar you will find a button – Ask us a question. This form will send an email to LeaveWizard support with your query. In many cases your first point of contact should be your LeaveWizard Administrator.

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