My Settings

My Settings

The my settings screen allows you to change some user specific settings including password, email notifications, Outlook integration and others. You can always reach the My Settings screen by clicking the link in the top right corner of the screen.

Here’s how the My Settings screen looks like the one below. Note that all settings above the Change Password section are being saved automatically.


We will now explain all the available options starting with the My Settings section

Subscribe to newsletter - If selected we will email you our newsletter with useful tips and information on new features

Send Email on Leave Request – When turned on as soon as you request leave we will send you an email to confirm.

Receive Email Notifications – Note that this option is available to you only if you Administrator allows you to control the email notifications. When switched on you will get every message delivered to your LeaveWizard inbox also sent to your email address.

Select Team for Who’s on leave – will filter the who’s on leave details on your dashboard by the selected team for the selected team

Choose period for Who’s on leave – will filter the who’s on leave details on your dashboard by the selected period

Preferred Culture – will display local settings like dates and currencies in the selected preferred culture. When this is not selected the app will try to determine your culture from your browser’s settings

Outlook/Google Calendar integration section

This integration is fully described in the following article. Here we provide brief details.

Enabled – this turns own the links for you

Subscribe to all personal leave link – if using Windows and Outlook click this link to invoke the Outlook integration or copy the link to integrate with Google calendar.

Download your personal leave file link – This link will download an ics (Internet Calendar) file which you can import into popular calendars like Outlook.

The Change password section

This area allows you to change your log in password . Insert your current password, then the password you would like to change it to, then finally confirm this password. Click submit to validate your new password.

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