The Line Manager Dashboard

The Line Manager Dashboard

 The dashboard for line managers inherits all the features of the employee dashboard and adds some more to enable leave approval, team allowance visibility and team leave report.

The main menu is almost the same with the exception of one new link the Approvals section. Similar to the Inbox menu the Approvals link will also show in brackets the number of pending approvals.

In the left top section of the page you will notice more buttons compared with the actions available to employees.

The Search for employee box allows you to search and select an employee by beginning to type their name. Once an employee is selected the action buttons in this section then “know” about your selected employee. For example clicking Manage Leave Requests will show you only requests from the selected employee and Request leave for will pop-up a new leave form for this employee. Also in this section we see additional request buttons enabling a line manager to record absence and request leave for others. Finally the Leave Reports button allows a line manager to generate a leave report for his team.

The second area that is different on the Line Manager’s dashboard is Latest Notifications section in the top right section.

You can see in the example that as one of the approvers I am being notified when leave has been approved by another possible approver – in this case an Admin user. I can also see my PendingApprovals with quick links to approve or reject and I can also see all approvals or check who else is on leave at the requested time.

Further down on the right hand side we see that the My Allowance section for line managers also has the Team allowance tab which is selected by default.

This allows you to view allowance for the team members of your team and filter by the different allowanced leave types and the year. Also because it is possible that a line manager is approver for members of different teams, the My Approvees tab lists allowances for everyone you approve leave for, rather than just a specific team.


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  16. Recording leave in hours
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  18. Showing and hiding allowances and leave details
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  32. Alternative Work Patterns
  33. My Settings
  34. Cancelling leave
  35. I want to book a period of leave that incorporates a bank holiday. How do I stop this day from being deducted from my holiday allowance?
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  37. Base Leave Types
  38. Changing your password with LeaveWizard
  39. Approving or Rejecting Leave
  40. Leave Charts and Calendars
  41. Requesting leave
  42. Configuring allowances
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