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Monthly Allowance Report Emails

Monthly Allowance Reports

We have recently developed a new feature allowing you to configure and run monthly allowance reports emailed to your employees at the beginning of each month. The reports look like this:
Hi Mark,
Your remaining Holiday allowance is 8.50 days
Your total Holiday allowance for this year (2013) is 27.00 days.
Your remaining Time off in lieu allowance is 2.00 days
Your total Time off in lieu allowance for this year (2013) is 2.00 days.
Kind Regards,
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In order to enable this monthly report here’s what you need to do:
Step 1: As Administrator go to Company Settings (Administration drop down and then Company settings) and turn on the option “Send Monthly Allowance Balance Emails” then click Submit to save the change. Here’s how it looks:
Step 2: Now you have to enable it for the types you want to include in the report. This is necessary as you probably wouldn’t want to send allowance reports for some types – e.g. Sickness or Unpaid leave as they either don’t have allowances or you don’t want to share what the allowance is. To include a leave type in the report go to “Leave Types and Allowances” (from the Administration drop down) and edit the type you wish to include. On the details form select the option “Include in the allowance report” and click Submit to save your change. Do this for all the leave types you want to include in your monthly allowance report. Here’s how the screen looks:
That’s it! Once you complete these steps we will start sending monthly allowance reports to your employees at the start of each month. We hope you like this new addition to our powerful leave planner and as always if you have any comments or suggestions then get in touch (we like talking)!

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