Carry overs explained

Carry overs explained

Carry overs are used to ‘carry’ over unused allowance between leave years. In the examples below we use days for simplicity however the same rules apply to hour based allowances. Let’s take a look at the following example:

  • Fred has 20 days allowance of type Holiday for 2011.
  • He has used only 16 days
  • You create a rule that Fred can carry over to the next leave year up to a maximum of 5 days
  • When you run the Carry Over process it will identify that Fred has 4 unused days and will carry them over to the new year.

What data do we keep and what it means?

We use Allowance for year, Maximum days that we can carry over and number of days that have been carried over. In the example above for 2011 we would have

  • Allowance for year – 20
  • Maximum days to carry over – 5
  • Carried over from 2010 – 0 (assume 2011 is the our first year with LeaveWizard)

After processing the carry overs for 2012 then we would get:
  • Allowance for year – 24
  • Maximum days to carry over – 5 (this can be changed throughout the year)
  • Carried over from 2011 – 4

How does this look when you get to 2013?

We will then deduct the Carried over days from 2011 before calculating how many days can be carried over. For example

  • During 2012 Fred uses 15 of his 24 days
  • You allow carrying over up to 10 days to the next year then
  • we will identify that Fred has 9 unused days and will then deduct the 4 days already carried over from 2011 because they are not part of his base allowance
  • And therefore we will carry over only 5 days.

This ensures that days cannot be carried over more than once.

Let’s have a look

Logged in as an Administrator, use the Settings menu and choose Event Types & Allowances. To configure Maximum days to carry over and any previously carried over days for a leave type, first select the leave type in the tree and then edit a row or select 'Edit All Allowances' to edit all.

When you need to process Carry overs or just want to preview how the allowances would change use the 'Preview Carry Overs' button. You will then see a screen like the one below.

You can use the filters at the top to select workgroup, or a single employee, and the year. Select the employees for which you would like to preview carry overs and when ready click 'Preview'. This will show you both the current year and next year values for Allowance, Carry Over and Carried over without making any changes to your data.

As you can see in the example, after clicking preview you see the changes for the only employee in the list with Carry over specified. If you are happy with the preview results click 'Submit' to save the changes or 'Reset' to try a different selection or 'Cancel' to exit.


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