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The Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor

LeaveWizard supports automatic Bradford Factor calculation with the option to include one or more absence types. 

This article explains how to configure your LeaveWizard settings to use Bradford factor.

First you need to enable Bradford factor for your organisation. From the main many choose Administration/Settings.

You will see two Bradford factor related settings here. The Use Bradford Factor setting enables the option per leave type but until you include at least one leave type in the calculation the Bradford factor will not calculate (see below for further instructions). The second option on this page allows you to set a start date for Bradford factor. Typically Bradford factor is calculated over the past 364 days however in case you are introducing it as of certain date you may choose to specify it here – e.g. at the start of your leave year.

Once you have enabled Bradford Factor you can now head to the leave/absence types settings to include the relevant types in the calculation. Use the menu to go to Leave Types and Allowances.Right click the leave type you want to include and click Edit. You will see a screen like the one below.

Ensure the Use For Bradford Factor checkbox is turned on and then click Submit.

When you switch on the calculation for the first time it may take several minutes for the first recalculation to take place. The on-going recalculation is then automatically performed every night so there is no need for you to do anything.

Once the option is switched on you can view the Bradford factor values in the list of employees. From the Administration menu choose Employees under Company lists.

On the right hand side you will see the Bradford factor values and you can order the list of employees by the factor value to quickly figure out which employees have the highest factor.

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