Outlook and Google Calendar Integration

Outlook and Google Calendar Integration

LeaveWizard provides you with the option of integrating your Leave Wizard account with your Outlook or Google calendar account so that you can view leave information in your LeaveWizard system via your Outlook or Google Calendar as well as any other calendar that supports subscriptions to internet calendar feeds (iCal). Once you have configured integration with Google calendar you can also show your LeaveWizard calendar on most mobile smart phones.

We will go through the steps required to set-up Outlook and also Google Calendar. Other tools will follow very similar steps.

How do I achieve Outlook Integration?

If you are a LeaveWizard administrator user then you have the option to either subscribe to the whole company calendar or just your own personal calendar. If you are a team member user then you only have the option to subscribe to your personal calendar.

As an administrator user wishing to subscribe to the whole company calendar, use the menu at the top to navigate to Settings | Company Settings | Outlook Integration.

To enable LeaveWizard to integrate with your Outlook account, you will need to tick the box ‘Enabled’ as shown in the screenshot. By default Outlook Integration is disabled, this is because the iCalendar subscription protocol known as “webcal:” does not support the secure https protocol and therefore any calendar event information that you publish will not be encrypted. You must understand this before you enable Outlook Integration. If you have any questions or concerns about this then please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Once Outlook integration is enabled, an icon appears on the dashboard for each employee. This provides them with a link that will provide a customised view of the Outlook calendar based upon their privileges within LeaveWizard i.e. if they can only see leave for those people within their team then that is what will be displayed within outlook.

To start the integration process you will then need to click on "Add to external Calendar" . Your computer will then bring up an ‘External Protocol Request’ requesting permission to launch an external application to allow the two software packages (LeaveWizard and Outlook) to be integrated. You will need to click ‘launch application’ here (see below screenshot).


Your Outlook account will be automatically opened and a pop up box will appear asking whether you wish to add this internet calendar to Outlook and subscribe to updates (see below screenshot). Click yes here. This will integrate your LeaveWizard calendar with MS Outlook. Whenever you send and receive email your local copy of your LeaveWizard calendar will be automatically updated with any new leave requests.


You also have the option to ‘Download leave file for the entire company’ or ‘Download your personal leave file’. Clicking the image on the right (with red arrow pointing downwards) gives you a one-off snapshot of all leave contained within LeaveWizard. This file will not be synchronised whenever mail is sent from within Outlook.

If you are a line manager or team member user and you wish to subscribe to your personal calendar, please navigate to My Settings/Outlook Integration and follow the same steps as above.

Steps required to integrate Google Calendar

Similar to the process for configuring Outloook as an administrator user use the menu at the top to navigate to Administration/Company Settings. You will then see the Company Details form which shows your current stored settings. Below this you will see a section entitled ‘Outlook/Google Calendar Integration’.

To enable LeaveWizard to integrate with your Google calendar account, you will need to choose the “Yes” option as shown in the screenshot. Once you’ve enabled the integration you will see two images. Right click the image on the left (with the blue tick) and depending on your browser select either Copy shortcut (IE), Copy link address (Chrome) or Copy link location (Firefox).

Open your Google calendar in your browser and click the arrow right of the Other Calendars label. This will open a context menu. Choose Add by URL as displayed in the screenshot below.


This will open a small dialog looking like the one below this text. Paste the URL you copied from your company settings LeaveWizard page.


Do not tick “Make the calendar publicly accessible” unless you really want anyone with a Google account to be able to see it. Click Add Calendar. The calendar will now appear in the Other calendars section like my “LW Calendar” in the screenshot above.

Once you have Google calendar integration you may also choose to integrate your new LeaveWizard calendar with your smart phone. This is usually straight forward once you add your Google mail account to your device. We have successfully managed to integrate with both iPhone and Android phones. For convenience we provide links to the following two articles that will show you how to integrate Google calendar with your iPhone and this one covers Android and Windows mobile phones.

Steps required to sync Calendar with outlook for MAC users

 You need to follow the below steps to sync your calendar with outlook  for MAC users:

From web browser, not Outlook for Mac:

  • Login to Outlook Web Access
  • Go to 'Calendar'
  • Right click 'My Calendars', then left-click 'Add Calendars'
  • Supply the URL to the '.ics' feed. {To get the Calendar URL you will need to right click the "Add to external calendar” link from the LW dashboard and choose Copy Link  }
  • Outlook for Mac will sync the calendar automatically.

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