Cancelling leave

Cancelling leave

Cancelling leave as an Employee

If you would like to cancel leave that is either pending approval or has already been approved and is in the future you need to follow these steps:

1. Go to the ‘My Leave’ section of your dashboard (see below screenshot) and find the event that you wish to cancel in the list.

2. For any leave that is yet to be taken, when you hover your mouse over the event, you will see a ‘cancel’ option at the end of the entry (see above screenshot). Simply click this option, you will be prompted to confirm the cancellation and an email will be sent to your designated approver advising that the leave has been cancelled.

Cancelling Leave as an Administrator

If you are an administrator and you need to cancel leave on behalf of somebody else then follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Dashboard | Manage Leave Requests page, here you will see a list of all requests that have been taken by users within your company.
  2. Use the filters to find the relevant event that you wish to cancel.
  3. Either click the title of the event or the edit link, as shown in the image below:  

This will take you to the event details page as shown in the following image:  

  1. Simply click the “Cancel the event” button and the event will be cancelled – the employee will be informed by by email that the event was cancelled on their behalf.

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