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  1. A leave type is included in the monthly allowance report but it should not be. How can I remove it?

  2. Account Details

  3. Adding New Users

  4. Allowing events to be recorded on non-working days

  5. Allowing events to be requested in the past

  6. Approver Setup

  7. Approving or Rejecting Leave

  8. Base Leave Types

  9. Basic Settings

  10. Calendars

  11. Can we use our own logo?

  12. Cancelling leave

  13. Carry overs explained

  14. Company settings in depth

  15. Configuring allowances

  16. Configuring Public Holiday Calendars to Automatically Update

  17. Custom Groups

  18. Employee Details & Joiners and Leavers

  19. Employee Details - Joiners and Leavers

  20. Employee X can't see anyone's sick days (or other event type) in any of the views

  21. Employees are not able to enter Sickness

  22. Event types and Allowances

  23. Event types in depth

  24. External Calendar Integration

  25. Getting Started with LeaveWizard

  26. How do I assign a PA for applying leave on someone's behalf?

  27. How do I assign an admin account to be an approver?

  28. How do I change the leave type which is selected by default when requesting leave?

  29. How do I create Maternity Leave in the system

  30. How do I create paternity leave in the system

  31. How do I de-activate employees (end of employment)

  32. How do I hide certain employees from lists and charts?

  33. How do I let employees know their login and how to access leavwizard?

  34. How do I re-activate employees?

  35. How do I remove the restriction on the allowance of a leave type?

  36. How do I restrict leave over a certain period - e.g. Christmas

  37. How do I restrict staff to only request holidays for the current holiday year?

  38. How do i set a minimum notice period in the system.

  39. How do I set up an event type that is bookable on weekends?

  40. How does LeaveWizard Calculate Holiday Entitlement

  41. How is my billing information processed?

  42. How to allow or disallow users editing requested events

  43. How to change employee from full-time to part-time

  44. How to include bank holidays in the holiday allowance, then book these as a bulk booking for all the company

  45. How to merge Outlook calendars and how to overlay and import new ones.

  46. How to restrict Paternity Leave" to specific individuals

  47. I am not able to login, what should I do?

  48. I am not able to see public holidays in my leave calendar, What should I do?

  49. I am not receiving emails from LeaveWizard

  50. I am seeing some regional language in the calendar , How do i get it in English?

  51. I cannot delete an event type because it has previously been used to record leave events. Where do I see the events of this type?

  52. I want to book a period of leave that incorporates a bank holiday. How do I stop this day from being deducted from my holiday allowance?

  53. Leave Restrictions

  54. Location specific Public Holidays

  55. Mandating leave requests in advance

  56. Monthly Allowance Report Emails

  57. My allowances seem wrong, what could the problem be?

  58. My events do not deduct overlapping Public holidays. How do I fix this?”

  59. My Leave

  60. My line managers aren't approving leave requests, what should I do?

  61. My Settings

  62. Organization And Employees

  63. Overtime and TOIL

  64. Public Holidays

  65. Public Holidays are not showing on the calendar

  66. Recording Absence

  67. Recording leave in hours

  68. Report Generation

  69. Requesting Leave

  70. Resetting your password

  71. Resetting your password

  72. Restrictions Part 1

  73. Restrictions Part 2

  74. Room Booking

  75. Setting the company and user leave year

  76. Setting up hours based leave for part-time workers

  77. Showing and hiding allowances and leave details

  78. Specifying someone to cover leave

  79. The Administrator Dashboard

  80. The Approver Tree

  81. The Bradford Factor

  82. The Employee Dashboard

  83. The Line Manager Dashboard

  84. Tracking appointments in LeaveWizard

  85. We have integrated Outlook however events seem to disappear after some time. Can we get these back?

  86. What is a CSV file?

  87. When your trial ends

  88. Work patterns

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