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How do I remove the restriction on the allowance of a leave type?

Example: We have "Leave type X" set up on our system and has an allowance of 10 days per employee however this restriction doesn’t apply to it.

There are two options in this case.
  •  If you want this type to be non-allowanced from now on, e.g. to have no limit then go to Administration-> Event types and allowances and Edit the leave type then in the top right you will see a drop down - Type of event. It is would be something like  "Allowanced leave ...". Change it to a non-allowanced type - e.g. "Non-Allowanced leave requires approval."
  • if you just want to increase the allowance then on the Event types and allowances page select the TOIL leave type (click on it) and then click Edit All Allowances to change the allowances to something else.

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