Configuring Public Holiday Calendars to Automatically Update

We are introducing a new feature as of July 2016, which allows you to configure a public holiday calendar to automatically update with public holidays for future years as soon as these become available on the system.

 Why would I want to switch on Auto Update for my calendars?

 If you have a public holiday configured to auto update as a LeaveWizard administrator you will never need to import public holidays from a template again. The calendar will simply auto update once a new template becomes available hence reducing the work for you.

 How do I go about setting it up?

 Setting up your public holiday calendar to auto update couldn’t be easier.

Let’s assume you already have a calendar named “French Public Holidays” and it has some events for 2016.

If you head straight to Administration/Public Holidays you will see something similar to this: 

Notice the addition of Auto Updates status along the top of the table, next to the calendar name. This view appears once you select a calendar. If your calendar specifies “Auto Updates: ON” this means the option is turned on.

 If however it says “Auto Updates: OFF” which is the default value then you will need to Edit the calendar to turn the option ON.  Either click the Edit button at the top or right-click Edit to enter Edit mode. The screen will be similar to this one:

 Notice the Auto update option. Make sure it is switched on and click Submit to save the setting.

 I turned it on, what happens now?

 The auto update is a background process, which runs overnight. With the Auto Update option turned ON as soon as a new template calendar for the selected country becomes available the auto update process will add the additional events to your public holiday calendar. The system will also send an email to you as an administrator to inform you that new events have been added to your calendar.

 I have a question, what do I do?

 Head straight to and choose one of the options to get additional help.

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