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How to restrict Paternity Leave" to specific individuals

In LeaveWizard you can restrict the visibility of any event by using the "Event Type Request Restriction" button on the "Event Types and Allowances" page.So if you have created a leave type like "Paternity Leave" in your system and you want it to be visible only to certain set of your employees than you can do this by using this feature.

For this you need to select the leave type "Paternity Leave" on the "Event type and allowances" page and then click on "Event Type Request Restriction" button on the right. 

On clicking the "Event type request restriction" button you will get the below page where you can create a group by any name for example "Paternity Leave Visibility Group" and add members to this group for whom you want the paternity leave type to be visible.

So like for example i have created the group "Paternity Leave Type Visibility" and have added "Vijayvergia Manju" in that group. So now that user would be able to see this leave type but the other user "Vijayvergia Shruti" would not be able to see the "Paternity Leave" type while requesting leave as she is not added in the group. See the below image:

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