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My line managers aren't approving leave requests, what should I do?

Despite your best efforts, there may be times when your line managers are just not getting around to approving leave requests in a timely manner.

Now, this might not be due to any fault of their own, however, this can have an impact on employee morale if their leave requests are not approved within an acceptable time period.

Therefore it is sometimes important to be able to give your line managers a little nudge, which is why we have added a feature that allows you to do just that.

To turn this on, go to "Settings | Company Settings". Scroll down to Notifications and then turn on the option for "Send Administrators a daily list of outstanding leave requests?".

Specify the number of days that a leave request should be approved within. 

If there are any requests that are still pending after the specified period of time the administrators will receive a daily report containing these values.

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