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When your trial ends

When your trial ends

The LeaveWizard trial subscription is fully functional, the only difference is that you, as the administrator, will get a message band between the main and sub menu notifying you when your trial will end with a link to the page to choose a plan.

When the trial ends the message displayed changes to show your subscription has expired. The company will become inactive and you will have reduced functionality.

We hope that using LeaveWizard on a trial basis has proved useful and you decide to continue using it and sign up for an active subscription. But if that is not your immediate intention you don't need to do anything and your trial company will be automatically deactivated on the trial end date and your data subsequently deleted or anonymised in accordance with our privacy policy.

Subscribing To A Plan

Most new subscribers find that paying monthly by credit card using our third party payment provider Recurly is the easiest way to subscribe and this can be set up directly via the web app as detailed below.
However, if you need a non standard Plan or want to pay by other means such as annual invoice or by Direct Debit, please contact us at for help.

When you created your trial company you selected a Plan which limited the maximum number of users. To subscribe before your trial ends you will need to either confirm you want to continue using the same plan or change the plan on the 'Select Plan' page. Either clicking the 'Please choose a plan' link on the message band or clicking the 'Change Plan' button on the Subscription Details page will take you to that page.

Once you have chosen the plan you will then be taken to the 'Subscription' page to enter your billing information.

After completing the form and clicking 'Submit' this information will be securely stored by our payment provider Recurly and your subscription activated and email confirmation sent.

If your trial has recently expired, you can still subscribe the trial company whilst it is inactive before it is deleted or anonymised. The procedure is similar to that above. If you want to change the current plan then either click the 'Please choose a plan' link on the message band or click the Change Plan button on the Subscription Details page. However. if you want to remain on your current plan then click the 'Change Payment Details' button on the Subscription Details page to go directly to the 'Subscription' page to enter your billing information.

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