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How do I set up an event type that is bookable on weekends?

Example: We work only 5 days a week therefore the set up for annual leave does not count Saturday and Sunday.  We have also set up an event type for business travel which staff needs to request for approval even during Saturday and Sunday.  However, when our staff request business travel for Saturday or Sunday, the system shown up “0” day instead of “1”.  

Solution: You need to allow booking on non working days for your Business travel event type.
To achieve this you need to edit your event type - Use the Administration menu and choose Event types and allowances then select your event type and click Edit.
From the menu on the left hand side choose Other and in the list you will see an option "Enable Non-Working Days" Make sure this is switched on and then click Submit.

Your event plan will now accept bookings on non-working days.

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