Event types and Allowances

Setting up LeaveWizard – Event types and Allowances

The Event types and Allowances page allows you to configure leave types and employees' allowances for the allowanced leave types.

You can also watch a video demonstrating the functionality on the Event types and Allowances page.

Your system comes pre-configured with at least one Holiday leave type and a Sickness absence type. You can add more leave or absence types by clicking the New Leave Type button. You are also able to edit an existing leave type. To learn more about leave types see the leave types in depth article. We find that for most organisations having one holiday leave type and one sickness absence type is sufficient.

On the Event types and allowances page you can filter the list of allowances by leave type by clicking on the leave type name in the tree on the left; workgroup, leave year and employee name using the drop boxes at the top of the allowances table.

This is the page you can use to edit allowances either row by row – by clicking the pencil icon in the right most column of a row in the allowances table or multiple rows at once by clicking the Edit All Allowances button. When you edit an allowance you will notice that you can also select an Employed On date for each employee. This date will be used to calculate entitlement for new joiners in their first year. To learn more about new joiners and entitlements visit the Joiners and leavers article.

You are also able to specify a Carry Over value per allowance which can be used to carry over units of allowance (days or hours) to the next leave year and a Carried Over value which indicates what if anything has been carried over from the previous year. You can also trigger Carry Overs from this page by clicking the Run Carry Overs button. 
And finally on this page you can export the allowances table into a CSV format which you can use with MS Excel, Google Docs or other spread sheet software and you can “Reset to defaults” which will erase all custom allowance values for the selected leave type and will use the leave type default allowance value as the allowance for employees.

SchoolConcepts on this page

A Event type is the type of leave that employees can request or managers and administrators can record. Example Event types are: Holiday, Maternity leave, compassionate leave, etc. Event types have many settings which you can read more about in the leave types in depth article.
Carry over allowance is a value that allows you to transfer any allowance remaining at the end of the current year into the next leave year up to that value. For example my allowance is 20 days and I have used 18 days therefore I have 2 days remaining. My carry over allowance is 3 days therefore at the end of the year I can carry over up to 3 days and since I have only 2 days available I will be able to carry over these 2
days into the next year. To learn more about Carry Overs visit the carry overs help article. 

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