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Setting up LeaveWizard – Approvers

November 2019 Update - We have just completed a new approver setup flow and a new help article Approver Setup is available.

The Setup Approvers page  allows you to specify who approves leave and for which employees.

You can also watch a video demonstrating the functionality on the Setup approvers page.

You can set up the approvals for a particular event by selecting the event from the drop down list.For example if I want to set up Timmi to be the approver for Manya then i would select Timmi from the drop down approvers list.

Across the top right of the Setup Approvers page you can see "Public Holidays" and " View Approver Tree" options also.
  • The Public Holidays page allows you to configure the public holidays or other company wide or location wide leave for your organisation.  
  • The Approval tree is structured by work group, approver and leave types. Drag and drop unapproved employees onto the approval tree to assign the required approvers. 
  • Leave requests should be sent for approval to Team Leaders.Team members can only see leave for people in the same team .Requests submitted by Administrators will be sent for approval.
  • Send overtime requests to – you can choose to send overtime requests to either administrators or the configured approvers however if no approvers are configured the overtime requests will still be sent to Administrators. To find out more visit theOvertime help article.
SchoolConcepts on this page

Unapproved employees – employees that have not been assigned an approver yet. This can be for one or more leave types. Use drag and drop to move them under the name of their approver in the approval tree.

Secondary approver – if you have 2 tier approval system for leave then use the secondary approver section to add the appropriate managers as secondary approvers. 

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