Work patterns

March 2020 Update - A new help article for Work Patterns is available.

Work (Shift) patterns

LeaveWizard supports flexible work patterns for part time or shift workers.
Work patterns can be assigned to a Location, Workgroup and Employee. We will always use the employee assigned work pattern when there is one. If there isn’t one we will use the workgroup assigned work pattern. If there isn’t an employee or a workgroup assigned work pattern we will use the location work pattern. And if there isn’t an employee, a workgroup or a location assigned work pattern we will use the company default one.
You can add or remove work patterns or set the default work pattern from the Work patterns page which you can reach from the Administration menu under company lists.

In the list of work patterns you can Edit the existing ones, Delete those that are not company default at the moment or Set a default pattern. The company default pattern will be used if work pattern is not set for either employee, their work group and their location.
To create a new work pattern click the New Work Pattern button at the top left of the page.

You need to give it a meaningful name which you can recognize later on as it will be used throughout the system.You will also need to choose the following:
Base work pattern is a template work pattern. You have to choose one and if required you can then tweak it to match the actual pattern. For example if you select the 7 days (5 work, 2 off) you may need to change that to become 6 working days with 1 non-working. Once you finish creating your work pattern you will be able to edit it to make such changes.
Start day is the day of the week when your pattern begins. Since LeaveWizard supports work patterns based on one or more weeks you can choose what day of the week the pattern begins on. For example the 7 days (5 work, 2 off) pattern would typically begin on a Monday and end with what we all call the weekend however it is possible to change this pattern to begin on any other day of the week in case you have workers following a different pattern – e.g. working Tuesday to Saturday with Sunday and Monday off.
Ignore Public Holidays – if you choose this option LeaveWizard will ignore public holidays when calculating leave duration for employees on this work pattern. For example if an employee books leave from 23rd to 26th December inclusive and none of these days are non working according to their work pattern then if there are 2 bank holidays in this period and this option is selected the leave duration will be 4 days. When there are 2 bank holidays and this option is unselected the duration would be 2 days.
When you are ready with your selection click Submit which will save your new work pattern and will take you back to the list of work patterns. If you click the Edit button to change your new work pattern you will see a screen like the one below.

Apart from being able to change the name, start day and the “ignore public holidays” options here you also have the ability to add or remove a 7 days to the pattern. To do that just use the Add 7 days button or click the Remove last 7 days button. You can also edit each day (row) or Multi-edit all days at the same time.
For every day you can change its Start time and Finish time as well as Half day time, lunch break start time and lunch duration. All these settings are used to calculate leave duration when you are using leave types with allowance in hours. Other options you can change here are the “Is work day” which sets a day to be either a work or a non-work day and “Is half day” which is only used for leave types with day based allowance and would cause calculations to count this day of the work pattern as half a day instead of full day.
If you have changed the name or the start day of the work pattern you have to click Submit to save your settings. Changes you made to the number of days do not require clicking the submit button.

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