LeaveWizard allows you to view leave information in a number of different chars and Outlook like calendars. Note that the screenshots below have been taken while using the system with an Administrative permissions. Depending on your LeaveWizard role some of the options described here may not be available.

On your dashboard

You are probably already familiar with your dashboard. The first view you see when you log-in has a 7 day view of relevant leave and absence events. It looks similar to the view below.

In the 7 day calendar you can request leave and edit your existing request. There also is a link to the full 30 days calendar (Monthly view).

The Calendar view

You can reach the monthly view either by clicking the link in brackets next to the Seven Day view or by clicking the Calendars menu or by choosing from the menu Calendars, Leave Calendar. This shows you a similar Outlook like calendar view like the 7 days view but for a whole month.

Even better, you can actually change this view to Weekly or Daily so you can see more detail and you can also view it in Timeline mode which is a 30 day view that can start from any date.

The Leave By Month Chart

In the calendars menu you will notice a few more choices. The second one is Leave By Month. It shows monthly tabular view of people with their specific work patterns painted on the chart and their leave events for the selected month.

This list of employees can be filtered by work group, user groups and additionally you can change the year you are viewing as well as the month.

Leave By Date range

The next option in the calendars menu is the ‘Leave Chart By Date Range’ view. This chart shows you an overview of all leave events recorded within a specified date range. You can set the date range easily by clicking on the calendar icons and then clicking ‘Submit’. You can also filter by department on this screen by selecting from the ‘Workgroup’ drop down menu.

Leave By Year

The final option in the Calendars menu section is the ‘Leave By Year’ view.This chart shows you an overview of all your own personal leave events recorded within this leave year.If you are an administrative user you can also view this chart for all other employees by choosing their name from the drop down.

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