Requesting Leave For

Requesting leave

 LeaveWizard allows you to request leave:

  • For yourself (all employees can do this)
  • On behalf of someone else (only Line Manager or Administrator )

Requesting leave for myself

From your dashboard click the “Request Leave For Me” button - at the top left of the page.

You will then see the Request Leave form as displayed below. On this form you can enter Title and Details, select the type of your leave and select Start and End date and Duration. You will notice that the choosing a date or changing duration forces recalculation of the other two values so you always have the correct numbers.

On changing the selected leave type the relevant remaining allowance will be displayed. You can also select Cover – this is another employee who would be covering when you are on leave. Selecting cover can be optional or mandatory depending on how your LeaveWizard administrator has configured your holiday leave types. When you click ‘Submit’ the leave request will be submitted to your approver for the selected leave type.

Requesting leave on behalf of someone else

To have access to this functionality you have to be either a Line Manager or an Administrator. Click the “Request Leave For” button on your dashboard. If you have previously searched for employee the new leave form will pre-select that employee.

The request leave form looks like displayed below. You can choose a different employee and enter the same details as when requesting leave for yourself.

When you are ready click ‘Submit’ and the leave request will be submitted to the person who is designated to approve leave requests for this employee (both to their LeaveWizard inbox and their external email inbox). The person you are requesting leave on behalf of will receive an email confirming the submission and approval of the holiday request.

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