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Setting up hours based leave for part-time workers

Setting up hours based leave for part-time workers

A common scenario for most companies is to have a majority of full-time workers and a few part-time workers.
Most companies with this kind of employee setup tend to have holiday requests for full-time workers in days i.e. 28 days holiday where as part-time workers would have their holiday requests in hours i.e. 224 hours holiday.
Thankfully, LeaveWizard can be easily setup so that your part-time workers request leave in hours and your full-time workers request leave in days. Just follow these instructions:

Setting up a new hours based leave type

When you first setup your LeaveWizard account you will have two leave types configured, these are Holiday and Sickness. The default configuration for the Holiday leave type is to record leave in days.
If we want to support part-time workers requesting leave in hours we need to add a new leave type. You can do this by going to “Administration | Leave Types & Allowances” and clicking “New Leave Type”. 
Give your leave type an appropriate name such as “Holiday Part-Time”, determine whether the leave type requires approval from the available drop down options, set the required allowance and ensure you tick the “In Hours” box.

Once you are happy with the leave type setup, click the “Submit” button. You should then see you new leave type in the leave types tree.

Configuring who can see the new leave type

Next, we want to configure the leave type so that only our part-time employees will see the leave type when they request leave. We can do this by clicking the “Change who can see this leave type…” button.

You will then be presented with the leave type visibility user group setup screen:

We can the choose which employees should be able to request this leave type. We can do this by simply choosing either an entire workgroup or by selecting specific employees. In this case we only want Shruti and timmi as they are our part-time employees.
Once we have chosen the required employees we can click the “Submit” button, where we will see that the part-time holiday leave type is now only visible to the selected employees:

Hiding the days based leave type from part-time employees

The last thing we need to do is to configure the existing Holiday leave type so that it is not available to the part-time employees. We can do this by selecting the Holiday leave type in the leave types list and then again clicking the “Change who can see this leave type…” button.
This time we choose all other employees except for Shruti and timmi:

Now we can click “Submit” and see that the holiday leave type is not available to Shruti and Timmi:


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