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Specifying someone to cover leave

Specifying someone to cover leave

LeaveWizard provides you with the ability to specify a person who will be covering your work whilst you are on leave.

How do I specify someone to cover my work whilst I am on leave?

Go to Administration|Event types and Allowances page.Click on Edit Event type. You will get a page like the one below. Check the Selecting Cover option is enabled.

Please follow these steps:

1. Start the leave request process in the normal way, by clicking on the shortcut button ‘Request leave (for me)’ or ‘Request leave (for someone else)’ at the top of the screen. The pop up box that comes up now offers you the option to choose ‘Cover’ from a drop down list (see below screenshot)

2. Submit the leave request and the person you have selected will be sent a message to ensure that they are happy that you have chosen them to cover your leave and asking them to contact their administrator if there is a problem.

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