Approving or Rejecting Leave

Approving or Rejecting Leave

 Line Managers and Administrators users have the ability to approve leave in several ways:

  • By clicking the approve/reject links in the email message that we send to your email inbox or from within your LeaveWizard inbox.
  • By clicking the approve/reject links in the recent messages section on your dashboard
  • Through the Approvals page

In addition Administrators can approve, reject or cancel leave from the Manage Leave Request screen

Approving via email

Here’s how a typical leave approval request looks like:

The highlighted area shows the two actions – Approve or Reject this event. Additionally you can View the details of this leave request or you can also have a look at a leave chart showing you who is on leave at the same time so you can make an informed decision.

Approving from your Dashboard

You can approve recent request straight from your dashboard. The pending approvals section is located in the top right section of your dashboard as displayed in the screenshot below.

The approvals page

You can approve or reject leave requests via the approvals page which is linked from the main menu. The menu also displays the number of pending approvals you currently have.

Clicking the Leave tab on the Approval Manager screen will list all thePending leave requests and  allows you to multi-select and approve or reject leave requests. You can also click a leave request to view its details. The Pending Overtime lists all overtime requests sent to you.

Further down the page you can find historical lists of already approved or rejected leave requests and overtime requests.

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